Maximum accidents happens during exhibition buildup days, but no one learns and care about it. There have been enough safety exhibitions & conferences but even than organizers, venues and suppliers do not worry about the safety of the construction employee during buildup. There have been cases where workers have been given their responsibilities without the proper tools and attire.

Who would like to climb to the top of a humongous exhibition hall with no harnesses? Who in their right minds would want to work with an open wire during rainy season? Let me know if any of you, readers, would take up a job that made you walk under loosely placed thick iron bars with no helmet on? The negligence can be as small as a lighting issue where a person steps on a nail with no shoes on because he could not see it lying around.

Venues change for buildup days, so orginizers take 1 or 2 days for buildup, and suppliers need to finish their stalls done during those days. So no one cares about safety, just get the work done before the event opening. Where are the governing bodies and what are they doing? I had decided to do my part by bringing these points out into the light and now it is up to you to take it up and make the difference, make exhibition and conference building days safe for all our event suppliers.