What events are happening this summer near me? Where can I catch a jazz concert, see a comedy show, find a performance of favorite artists, or participate in a race? Millions of users ask Google questions about upcoming events every day — but to answer those questions well, Google needs structured data directly from the most authoritative websites for each event.

Who can give Google more information about an event better then the event orginizers themselves. So, how to tel Google? You just can’t call up Mountain View, California, US and tel them about your events?

Get your website build as per Google Enabled Rich Shippets. By enabling rich snippets for events you can tel Google details of organized events,  such as musical concerts or art festivals, that people may attend at a particular time and place. Events that meet Google’s policy guidelines may be eligible for Rich Snippets in search results, as well as for display in Knowledge-Graph-powered features. 

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