Surveys are an exceptionally influential tool for market analysis and leveraging customer insight. Businesses ask questions to customers only to improve their products and services. Being at an event, taking surveys before, after, and even during an event is just as crucial.

Taking paper surveys in this digital age, would be putting a hammer to your knee on purpose. They are expensive, time-consuming to study and generate reports, take up a lot of space, besides increasing the total carbon footprint tremendously.

Taking event mobile app surveys is the best move an organizer can make. Here are just some of the countless benefits of opting for in-app survey instead:

  1. Save Money: Stepping away from printing costs of paper surveys.
  2. Save Time: Download immediate reports through the app that requires no further data cleaning, therefore less room for errors.
  3. Get more feedback and from a larger audience at the same time – mobile app surveys can have more questions that will be answered compared to paper.
  4. Understand target segments or specific audiences to get relevant feedback
  5. Engage all users of the event